Birt 7 feb 2021
Harry Pinero:
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  • Why is ethan tryn hard to be funny

  • i dont get most of the jokes lol

  • Can’t lie, Ksi is jarring

  • 9:00 😂😂😂😂

  • When ksi told that woman turn to the side she looked instantly disheartened

  • He really said hay six nine

  • What is this who are these three guys,i never seen them.where are the old videos the calories and trips

  • Sidemen first dates

  • This is hilarious...!!!!!

  • When philly said clap harry hid behind yes sign i just caught that

  • Who agrees that Ally made this video 10x better

  • Maybe the show is ment to be like this...being mean and have "fun" like a twelve year old ... In real life , this would not work very well (if the people had a fully developed brain).

  • JJ, Ethan and Filly the three musketeers of the contagious laugh

  • Chunkz should get honored and get every missed penalty a CHUNKZ

  • Vikk chose violence today🤣

  • The girl who didn’t understand the filling joke , she is innocent

  • Can someone explain what he said? 9:15

  • Vik woked up this morning listening to youngboy😭😂😂

  • My boi vik woked up Nd choosed violence who hurt yhu vik who😭😂

  • Vic woke up Chris Breezy


  • I am confident Vik woke up on wrong side of the bed

  • 18:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 25:54 chunkz’s laugh tho

  • Tobi be doing the supreme meme

  • Ally has no idea how this works sigh

  • Let's all get in the train 😂😂

  • Hi I’m Harry I’m twenty free

  • When tobi was going to the no at first round who heard jj laugh 😂😂😂 LMAOOOOOO

  • .

  • The third girl is actually so sweet to think this thing is serious :( She wanted Simon real bad

  • Tinder

  • “Mmm No?!” 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • The 3rd girl didn't understand anything lmaooooooooo

  • “Hi i’m chunks”

  • Haha funniest video ever! Make more please!

  • Ally: do u have a girlfriend Simon: no no no yes... Me: u dont no more

  • 47:09 hp waiting for something 🧐

  • josh looks so swaggy in this

  • 35:10 who tf is Simon talking to😂😂😂

  • 22:48 and 30:30 finest

  • Outro song?

  • I love how vikk got rejected once and just decided to roast everyone


  • Dang harry was going off in thia episode


  • filly posted up like a middle schooler at a school disco

  • vik woke up and chose violence

  • I rewatched 9:17 so many times but all i hear is "Wanna claw?" lmao oh well

  • I’m KSi tho

  • this is acc a violation 🤣

  • Time stamps of Tobi TRYING TO BE COOL BUT CRINGE (TOBI FAILS) 17:18 GRIM 32:02 CRINGE 😆 34:49 SHORT

  • They should do punishments for the one who got most NOs :)

  • 51:40 This Harrys best line no cap

  • what does harry say at 14:13?

  • John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me

  • *Roses are red* *ISchats is too* *My comment got a like* *But why is it blue*

  • I dont like them being so mean

  • .

  • The 2 harry's r way opposite

  • me this is soo good watch whole video

  • 18:45 harry just sent her back to her childhood

  • Use this pickup line I heard for the next tinder vid: hey baby let’s go back to your place cause Chris Hansen’s at mine

  • The ‘KSI’ 😂

  • Chunkz undefeated lmfao

  • No one: Vikk: 31:06 Her: 31:17

  • Harry violated it😂😭😭😭

  • 43:23 can someone please tell me what Philly says here?

  • best episode lmao

  • Whats the name of that black dude?

  • Who else wants pewds to react to this 👇

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 46:58

  • 10:49 the girl loves BBC

  • I could watch this 10000 times

  • Why the f is does Harry has Islamic / Arabic odds when picking up a girl like wtf

  • hi plz sport me

  • Vic had crackhead energy😭😭

  • 14:14 what did he say?

    • If I had chewing gum I’d give it to her

  • “Aye 69”

  • Best ever video released from them

  • Sidemen tinder with tgf

  • Bro Tobi was mad funny this video 😂

  • 14:20 Harry’s a savage 😂

  • What has this turned into. 🤮

  • 18:50 MY MAN

  • Vik woke up with black forces on that day

  • I swear its so bad when they don't understand the joke

  • I'm KyeSI

  • Since when was harry a Muslim lmfaoooo

  • 39:20 someone explain that whole thing Harry did

  • Where can i get bhez‘s t-shirt???

  • Can’t understand some of the things they’re saying

  • 33:44 look above jj...

  • megala *dong*

  • petition for them to do this with some uk rappers ( aitch, stormzy, dave etc.

  • all i heard after someone was funny: AHWHQwAHwahawHWHawhAHahHAWHWh

  • Yeah boi

  • The questionable russia cytomorphologically develop because christopher summarily hurry throughout a soggy eyeliner. shaky, feeble feigned streetcar

  • Vik in tinder videos :